Roof Whitening Systems involves a comprehensive approach to maintaining, protecting and improving your existing roof systems weatherproofing integrity. All roof systems require continual maintenance to protect the interior of your building. Now is the time to examine your roof systems and initiate a proactive method of protecting your roof while saving on energy costs. This dual approach not only protects your building interior but will extend the service life of your existing roof system for an indefinite period of time as long as the roof system is protected from the suns damaging ultraviolet degradation.

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What is White Roofing?.

Wearing white on a hot summer day makes sense for you, and it does for your roof as well. A cool roof is a reflective one-a white or light-colored surface off of which sunlight will bounce-as opposed to a dark surface that absorbs the heat like a cast-iron skillet. The roofing material on a cool roof should also have a high emissivity, which means it easily releases heat. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), installing a cool roof can lower a rooftop surface temperature by as much as 100 degrees on a hot day, and can make as much as a 15 percent difference in your air-conditioning bill.

Simply put, a cool roof is a reflective surface that transmits the sun’s heat back into the sky rather than transferring it to the building below. It is an energy–efficient roof surface that can keep a building cooler and reduce its energy costs for air conditioning.

Infrared non-destructive testing is the proven way to verify all areas of wet insulation before any type of roof project is started. Without the proper facts relating to existing factual condition of your existing roof system – all recommendations will be based on conjecture! KNOW THE FACTS before you spend unnecessary funds on your roof!

Benefits of cool roofs include:

* Energy savings and global warming mitigation

* Reduction in urban heat island effect and smog

* Improved occupant comfort

* Comply with codes and green building programs

* Prevent ultraviolet deterioration to existing roof systems


To provide the building owner with all of the options available, solutions and budgets to make the best decision for protecting your building investment at the lowest life cycle cost.

Without the proper plan and information the maximum desired results cannot be achieved!
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