Our Ten Service Offerings

When you work with Roof Whitening Systems as your roof asset management partner, you can count on the highest-quality services and products for the most effective and efficient use of your roofing expenditures. Our ten service offerings come with our commitment for best practice resolution to your roofing problems and the long-term performance of your roof related building assets.

  • System Selection:
  • Selecting the improper materials for your project may result in premature failure and the expenditure of additional funds to replace the entire project.

    Systems Options: Acrylics




    Hybrid Systems

    Single Ply Systems

    Metal Roofs Self Adhered Membranes

  • Visual Inspection and Survey
  • To thoroughly understand your current roofing situation, our representative walks your roof, examining the construction and condition of the roof system in order to identify any visual signs of water infiltration or potential problems.

  • Analytical Testing

  • When visual examination is not enough to determine the best roofing solution, we conducts additional tests, such as infrared moisture scans, core analysis, and/or laboratory evaluations to ensure thorough evaluation of your roofing conditions.

  • Detailed Electronic Documentation

  • To help you manage your roofing investment, your representative documents all aspects of your roofing conditions and construction, appending photographs and drawings as appropriate in digital format that can be shared via email.

  • Thorough Written Assessment of Recommendations

  • We understand that no two roofs are alike. Rather than recommendations based on a one-solution-fits-all mentality, our representatives provide a written assessment of your roofing conditions with customized recommendations, including budgets, based on the visual and analytical evaluations of your roofs. These recommendations may involve specifications to repair and/or restore select areas, requirements for preventive maintenance, or, when necessary, partial or full replacement.

  • Assistance with Construction Documents, Including Customized Details and Specifications

  • Your local representative works with you to ensure that your project specification is properly formatted, written to meet all applicable codes and standards, and thorough in assigning timelines and budgets before it goes out to bid. When appropriate, Roof Whitening Systems offers certification by a licensed professional engineer to ensure design integrity.

  • Value Engineering

  • We provide critical cost savings options to fit your $$$ Budget.

  • Project Management

  • To help you manage your roofing project, your local Ecology representative offers assistance planning a pre-bid meeting to discuss project parameters, facilitating a pre-construction conference with the selected contractor, and conducting progress meetings throughout the project.

  • Quality Control Monitoring

  • In order to keep an eye on the details, we providesquality-control inspections and written progress reports, including digital photographs. At project completion, your representative walks the roof with you and your contractor to examine all the details, ensuring that the job has been done to your satisfaction.

  • Long-term Performance Guarantee

  • All high-performance roof products come with our commitment for long-term leak-free performance. We stand behind this commitment, knowing that each system comprises our uniquely engineered roofing products, and was installed by highly experienced authorized contractors.

  • Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)

  • To ensure that your roofs stay in top condition, we provide rooftop inspections and coordinates general rooftop cleanings and maintenance with your local contractor.

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